Monday, 19 February 2018

Shed Works all done - let the games begin

So this weekend I spent the best part of two days clearing out the games shed, refurbishing the roof (thanks John) and generally getting everything ready for the start of the spring games season.

The big table isw now clear of all the rubbish

the shelves are now sorted by games, figures, rules and terrain sets

The floor has been swept and hoovered

And the shed extension has now been refurbished and has its own table ! - This can be 4ft x 4ft or 6ft x 4ft

Its all starting to look rather shipshape

First game tonight !!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Has Photobucket finally come to its' senses?

As most bloggers know Photobucket decided to kick a nunmber of its customers in the the proverbials last year by discontinuing the service that allowed hosting of images to blogs, forums etc. The subject was done to death on the forums and significant negative press hit the main media airwaves.

Tonight I got this email ( you may recall I have a premium account which costs me about $90 per annum)

I have made the email italics

Hello ,
This message is to inform you that your Plus20 subscription has been discontinued. You will continue to keep all of your plus benefits until your expiration date. In order to stay current post expiration, we ask that you upgrade to one of our latest plans.
We've been working on some exciting new stuff for 2018, including a new plan which offers additional benefits at a far greater value.
As a valued customer, we are offering this plan as a preview to you before our official rollout.
You asked and we listened. Photobucket is launching a brand new website from the ground up with increased features, ease of use, and unrivaled performance. Here's a sneak peak of what's coming shortly.
Thank you for your continued business and please do not hesitate reaching out with any questions.

Have questions? We are happy to help! Email

So I had a sneak peak
and this is what they are offering....

it appears the service they were threatening to take away has been restored...
Phew...and what a PR disaster

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Sudan project part 12 - British Camel Corps

Morning All

part 11 can be found here

Hot on the heels of the Egyptian Infantry we have one of the more Iconic units of the Sudan campaign - The British Camel Corps

Once again I have elected to use the Perry Miniature range and after some careful calculations worked out the optimum number for my purchase. 

These have all been given the serge grey blue tunics of the time with the rather spiffy looking mustard coloured cords. I have to say these were a real joy to paint and were turned around in about four evenings of hard painting.

Out of interest I have copied this short summary from wikipedia

The British forces consisted of the 1,100 British of the Desert Column under Sir Herbert Stewart, against a Sudanese force of approximately 12,000 fighters. While the main British force (the River Column), led by General Sir Garnet Wolseley travelled by river from Korti to Khartoum, Stewart's column was to cut across country by column directly for Khartoum, since time was running short according to what little information was available from the garrison.The force was composed of four regiments of camel-mounted troops (Guards, Heavy, Light and Mounted Infantry), detachments of the various infantry regiments in Egypt and of the River Column, and a detachment of the 19th Hussars, mounted on horses. Four light field pieces and a small Naval Brigade manning a Gardner machine gun completed the force.

The good news is that I already have the Hussars (not shown yet), the artillery pieces (shown in British Infantry post) and the Naval units (to be finished).

Up first we have a dozen riders (this equates to one regiment so there is plenty of scope to add more !)

The basing on these represents a departure from my usual format. Usually I base all my cavalry individually on single bases (25 x 50mm) but because I ran out of these I decided to mount half the unit in pairs. Quite happy with the result and will probably do this forward going.

Of course I needed these guys to be able to dismount and fight so a couple of packs of dismounted units were procured. These packs come in packs of 6 - I bought three of them giving me eighteen figures. Twelve were used to make this unit. 

The plan will be to transfer these to more skirmish style trays with a larger footprint.

Finally I bought two packs of camels kneeling with their guards (2). These along with the remaining six dismounted riders were used to create four bases of troopers defending their mounts. These have been set up so they can either form a firing line or a square

Rather fortuitously the square in the middle is exactly the same size as one of the infantry units so these can be dropped in to complete the complement of twelve

So the final shots are of the total unit - in theory I could use these as tywo units (or even three on the table)

I am now getting very close to finishing the core army - just the Naval units to finish and some Bashi Bazouki irregulars

Still can't help thinking I dont have enough Dervishes....

More soon

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Sudan Project part 11 - The Egyptian Brigade

Hi Folks

Shall we get back into the wargaming groove...I think so !

Over the last few weeks I have been steadily painting up my forces for the upcoming Sudan project - it is my desire to see this on the table by March. So today I am introducing the Egyptian Brigade - this consists of two regular battalions of infantry, a cavalry regiment and supporting artillery.

 previous post on this project can be found here

There will be a couple more commanders (still waiting on these to be finished)

All the figures are from the excellent Perry Sudan range

These have all been given the same basing treatment as my other forces. The tufts have been sourced from warpainter on ebay


Unfortunately my block painting and dip doesn't work too well with white uniforms but I am too long in the tooth to change my habits now.

The jolly sky blue trousers sported by the cavalry were inspired by some other gamers blog (apologies cant remember name) and whether or not they are correct I like them

The Egyptians get their own artillery support. The MDF bases is 5cm x 10cm

The two infantry battalions are made up from the firing line figures in Perry's range with one command pack split between the two units. The officers have been given the blue uniforms.

Its likely that this will be one players command in our upcoming games

More soon...

part 12 can be found here

Monday, 5 February 2018

Construction Work Finished (almost)

Hi Folks

If you have been following the blog over the last few weeks you will have noticed that there has been a bit of a break in my wargames activity - have no fear as this is about to change with a number of important updates waiting in the wings.

My priority has been to get my games shed back into action before the spring arrives and I am delighted to report that the new storage solution for the garden is now complete and all the crap in my room has now been transferred to the new building !

The new building.....

No referred to as the stable block with its three doors (and colour coded padlocks)

The bad news is that whilst working down the garden I noticed that the roof on my original shed (not the extension) has now started to show its age (over 12 years) and as a result a number of leaks have appeared. Its become a priority to get this roof replaced pronto so before I can begin to think about how my games shed will be rearranged inside the outside needs fixing.

As you can see in the picture below the old roof is covered in moss (and other rubbish) - it all has to be stripped off

Water damage inside

Roofing material has been bought and now just waiting on a couple of dry days

Now the good news - the games table is now clear

Before Shot

After shot

More progress on the games room will follow in the coming weeks

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

More Construction Work - part 2

Just a quick update on the new shed build...

The walls are up and the roof is almost finished - currently planning to fit the felt this weekend with a neighbour.

So in the meantime I am building the doors and will start on the internal walls later this week. With a fair wind I'll get my games room back by end of next week !!

hopefully some Wargaming stuff next time round.....

Friday, 19 January 2018

Major Construction work....

Afternoon All

This post might explain why things have been so quiet at Shed Wars in the last few weeks

You may recall almost two years ago I extended my shed (the full details are here) but part of the deal with the Shedwife was that I had to give her part of the new build and as such a custom room was built into the new extension. At the time it seemed reasonable but I built it with a view that one day I might be able to claim it back.

If you want to see what I mean about the custom room head here

Just before Xmas I discovered that the two sheds sitting opposite my games shed were starting to show their age (one is at least 30 years old) and that they were starting to rot away very quickly. With time on my hands (My new job starts in Feb) a new construction project would be born and I could reclaim the room given to my wife !

First up I had to empty all the contents into my games shed - net result it is now jammed to the rafters. A lot of this is going to have to be sorted and thrown away. This means my shed is now out of action until the new build is finished. Given it is too cold to play regularly at the moment this is the right time to do it.

My games table is under this lot

The two old sheds were dismantles and over a dozen trips to the local refuse tip followed. A vast amount of rotting timber, roofing felt and old boards were removed. Next up the ground was cleared, levelled and a new base of railway sleepers put down. This was about one week of hard graft with only a limited amount of sunlight each day.

The new shed base with floor added

Once again I decided the build would be completed by hand as a custom project is both more economical and ultimately stronger than some of the off the shelf sheds. The new shed, replacing the old one will be 2.4m x 4.8m in size (8ft x 16ft), this will be subdivided into three separate units.

Two of the entrance panels - painted up front

All the other panels are leaning against my games shed

Over the last few days I have now built all the panels, roof joists and this morning completed the floor. With a bit of luck the final build starts tomorrow.

The plan is to get this complete by next weekend then we can get back to the serious matter of wargaming

Catch Up soon